Wolf’s Cholla Water Bottle


Say hello to our beautifully designed, reusable water bottle made from high-grade stainless steel. Its double-wall construction makes it perfect for storing both hot and cold liquids.

The water bottle features a Wolf’s cholla (Cylindropuntia wolfii) painted by botanical artist A.R. Valentien. This is just one of the artist’s nearly 1,100 wildflower paintings in The Nat’s special collection. This rare cactus is characterized by extremely variable flower color, with beautiful blooms ranging from yellow to deep maroon, and all shades in between. The flowers have red filaments. The Wolf’s cholla has a very limited distribution, as it only occurs in southern San Diego County and extreme northern Baja California.

The 17 oz. bottle is 10.5″ high × 2.85″ diameter. Hand-wash (dishwasher not recommended due to vacuum seal).