Scott's Oriole Accessory Pouch


More than just a pretty picture, the specimens featured on this accessory pouch represent one of the 2,580 species that make up our collection of over 51,000 specimens of birds.

Scott’s Oriole (Icterus parisorum) is most numerous in the high desert, where the Mojave yucca and Joshua tree are dominant plants. The oriole typically builds its nest in the tallest yucca in its territory. Birders contributing to the San Diego County Bird Atlas discovered that it is more widespread in San Diego County than previously known. Before the 1950s, Scott’s Oriole was practically unknown in California in winter. Since then, it has been observed regularly in winter—some years in higher numbers than other years. Collections such as ours are a fundamental tool for tracking changes in distribution and seasonal status.

This eye-catching flat pouch can be used for pencils, cosmetics, and more. Made of polyester with non-woven laminate interior. Small size measures approximately 8.25” x 6” and large measures approximately 11.5” x 8.25”.