I’d love to see these products in person. Can I come to the museum to see them? 

We’re evolving, and so is our museum store. Right now, the museum is closed, and when we reopen we will be selling a very small selection of retail items at our café. We are reimagining the bigger museum store experience, which may open later in 2021. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, we hope to take care of all your shopping needs online. 


How can I find out the status of my online order? 

You can check the status of your order by clicking the Tracking URL in your confirmation email. Once your order is processed for shipping, we will be unable to make any changes. 


Can I place an order by phone? 

At this time, we are unable to take orders by phone. Sorry, it’s gone the way of the mastodon. 


What are shipping times? 

Your items will ship within 1-3 business days of purchase, and you will receive a tracking code with your order. Note: if your order contains more than one item, it’s possible it will be coming in several shipments. Some items will ship from The Nat, and other items will ship directly from our retail partners. Learn more about why we’re producing items “on demand.” 


Will I receive my order before the holidays? 

In order to receive your purchase by December 20, please place your order no later than December 9. Note: Due to manufacturer demands, high shipping and purchase volumes around the holidays, and extra precautions due to coronavirus, that we cannot guarantee the exact arrival of certain products. It should definitely not take 75 million years.   


Do you ship internationally to Mexico?  

Shipping is available only in the U.S. at this time.


I’m a member. Do I get a discount? 

Yes! All Members of The Nat receive 10% off purchases on orders of $15+ with an exclusive promotional code. All members can find their promo codes on the reverse of their digital membership cards or in their member enewsletter, Field Notes. No need to dig for fossils. 


I can’t find my promo code! 

We've got experience finding lost species—and other lost things—so we can help. Just contact and we’ll get back to you with your promo code ASAP.  


My member discount wasn’t applied. Can I get a refund/credit? 

Please submit a contact form to request a refund or credit. 


Who are members?  

Hopefully you are! Or will be soon. If you’ve purchased membership through The Nat, you’re a member. This does not include holders of third-party admission programs like the Explorer Annual Pass. 

If you recently joined our membership community, welcome! Your member discount code can be found in the e-receipt that was emailed after you purchased your membership.


How do I become a member? 

Nice of you to ask. Click here to learn more about becoming a member or to join our community. Once you purchase membership through our main website, you will receive an email receipt that contains your promo code for 10% off orders of $15+ when you Shop The Nat.


How do I return or exchange an item? 

For more information, click here for our return and exchange policy


How does my purchase help The Nat? 

All proceeds from your purchase support our exhibitions, education programs, conservation efforts, and scientific research. If you wear The Nat’s gear, you are also helping spread the word that nature, science, and history matter. The Nat has been hard at work in our community since 1874—thank you for keeping us going. 


What is The Nat’s privacy policy? 

You can read more about our privacy policy here. 

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Membership Has Its Privileges.

Membership Has Its Privileges.

Since 1874, we have been researchers, caretakers, and storytellers of this incredibly diverse region we call home. Our members have been essential every step of the way.  

As a small token of our appreciation, members receive 10% off purchases on orders of $15+ with an exclusive promotional code when they Shop The Nat. 

Simply enter your promo code at checkout to receive your discount. Your promo code is shared with you in three ways:


  • Included in your Field Notes member enewsletter
  • On the back of your digital membership card, which you can likely find in your e-wallet
  • By emailing 

Not a member? Join today to receive your discount on future purchases and to join our community of environmental ambassadors. 


Who are members?  

Hopefully you are! Or are soon to be. If you’ve purchased membership through The Nat, you’re a member. This does not include holders of third-party admission programs like the Explorer Annual Pass. 


How do I become a member? 

Nice of you to ask. Visit to learn more about becoming a member or to join our community. 

The Nat is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization and Membership is an important way to support our education programs, exhibitions, and our research and conservation efforts. From rediscovering lost species, to digitizing our collections, and reintroducing the California red-legged frog to our region—we thank you for your support. 

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Our Store. Our Story.

Our Store. Our Story.

Here for you—and nature—since 1874.

When you Shop The Nat, every dollar supports our mission to protect and preserve this amazing place we call home. It’s what we’ve been doing since 1874. 

While the in-museum store is currently closed, our new ecommerce platform invites nature lovers and gift givers to purchase unique apparel, accessories, toys, gifts, souvenirs and more. 

Our commitment to the natural world extends beyond the artwork you see on our merchandise. We are making every effort to source items made in the U.S.A., and are prioritizing products made from eco-friendly or sustainably sourced materials. Additionally, many of our items are produced “on demand”—manufactured and shipped by the manufacturer only once ordered by a consumer—which helps reduce waste and excess inventory. 

The world we live in is an amazing place. We want everyone to understand it better, enjoy it more, and love it as much as we do, so we will all protect it for the future. Every dollar you spend here stays here, contributing to that vision. And that’s a gift to us all.

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